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Superb Performance Flexibility by Digital Roland Accordion

My Digital Roland Accordion is the perfect fusion of traditional accordion performance and modern digital functionality. This accordion allows me to sound like a four-piece band. Imagine a world-class lineup of accordions and orchestral instruments in one convenient instrument, all instantly selectable and controllable. All sounds the Roland accordion produces were obtained by sampling popular traditional acoustic accordions. This accordion allows me to switch from an Italian folk accordion to German accordion, to French musette or Klermer band sound – without changing technique. It also lets me enjoy playing simple drum parts with my left hand (bass and chord sections).

My Roland allows me to control external MIDI-compatible instruments or connect to my Roland Backing Module BK-7m. The BK-7m is a dream machine for the entertaining artist or solo musician like myself who needs a backing band onstage. With hundreds of great tones, music styles, and rhythms onboard, BK-7m will make me sound like a professional ensemble onstage. When I play the buttons (chords on my left hand), it triggers a bass pattern, background strings and horns, chorus, and percussion sounds (drums). I am able to then use my right hand to play on the piano keys. When playing with my right hand, I can sound like many instruments, including: organs, pianos, electric pianos, saxophones, flutes, vibes, clarinets, trumpets, strings, marimbas, guitars, mandolin, harmonica, trombone, violin, cello, bass, accordions and many more!