Entertaining with Accordion

Melodies from Around the World


Scandinavian Repertoire

This is a partial list of my most-popular Scandinavian repertoire. If the tune(s) you would like is not listed below, please contact me to inquire if it is part of my whole repertoire and if it isn't, I will try my best to accommodate your request.

Swedish Folk Songs and Dances
  • A La Schottis (A La Schottische) (Schottische)
  • Flygar (Waltz)
  • Drommen Om Elin (Waltz)
  • Swedish Polka (Polka)
  • Jubileums Schottis (Jubilee Schottische) (Schottische)
  • Gunnar Polka (Happy Gunnar) (Polka)
  • Ida (Swedish Dance Hambo – Mazurka)
  • Halmstad Valsen (The Waltz from Halmstad) (Waltz)
  • Forsvik’s Polkan (The Polka from Forsvik) (Polka)
  • Kan Du Vissla Johanna? (Can You Whistle Johanna?) (Schottische)
  • Drom Valsen (The Dream Waltz) (Waltz)
  • Soldatgossen (The Soldier Boy) (Schottische)
  • Farmor’s Schottis (Grandmother’s Schottische) (Schottische)
  • Midsommar Polkan (Midsummer Polka) (Polka)
  • Halsa Dem Darhemma (Greet Them at Home) (Waltz)
  • Riala Jazzen Schottis (Schottische)
  • Retstickan  Snoa (Swedish Dance)
  • Jenny Lind Polka (Polka)
  • Nidalven Valsen (Waltz)
  • Swedish Dance Hambo (Mazurka)
  • Spelmans Valsen (The Fiddler’s Waltz)
  • Flickan, Hon Gar I Dansen (The Girl in the Dance) (Waltz)
  • Den Gula Paviljongen (The Yellow Pavilion) (Swedish Foxtrot/Two-Step)


Norwegian Folk Songs and Dances  
  • Borghild Reinlaender (Norwegian Schottische)
  • Paul Paa Haugen (Paul's Hen and the Fox) (Norwegian Schottische)
  • Sejle Op Ad Aaen (Sail Up The River) (Norwegian Waltz) 


Finnish Folk Songs and Dances
  • Finnish Polka (Polka)
  • Livet I Finnskogen (Live in the Finnish Woods) (Waltz)
  • Emma’s Waltz (Finnish Waltz)
  • Metsakukkia (Forest Flowers) (Finnish Waltz/Folk Song)
  • Karelo (Finnish Polka)